Design and development for the Home Builders Federation website. Using Django and Wagtail to implement a bespoke CMS.

I designed and developed the new HBF website (along with previous three versions). Implemented a bespoke Python CMS using Django & Wagtail. The site is deployed to a Kubernetes cluster.

I had to interface the CMS with a Microsoft Dynamics CRM to manage events, users and membership features. I’m very proud of the newsletter management solution I created to allow HBF staff to issue frequent newsletters and news alerts to their members using custom mailing lists and sent through AWS services.

Another challenging feature was seamlessly migrating their data from an old Typo3 PHP website to the new site using various custom modules and migration scripts.

One of the new modules we built for Wagtail was a new Image Folder and Document Folder plugin which allowed them to organise their images and documents by folder instead of the default tags.

I built an advanced newsletter module inside the CMS admin using Angular JS which enables to client to create, edit and send newsletters easily. The module used Amazon Simple Email Service to send and receive bounceback and complaints notifications. To date the client has sent over 2.3 million emails.

The site is highly integrated with a bespoke version of Microsoft Dynamics CRM, allowing website members to edit various parts of their CRM profile themselves along with manage their company and and other company members. Members of HBF also have the ability to create their own directory page and products all managed through the members section of the website.

Thanks for looking at my work 👍🏻 Please get in touch if you'd like to work with me