Open Doors

Custom website built over the last 5 years to manage the yearly Open Doors Week event. 

The website allows builders all over the UK to add their construction sites to the site, take and manage bookings running up to the event. The last event, run in 2019, saw over 6,000 visitors booking visits to over 290 construction sites across the UK. We also had to integrate the bookings and registration system with a 3rd party digital visitor card system for ticketing. Please note the current website has been temporarily repurposed due to Covid-19.

An interactive map and listing was built in Angular JS to allow efficient searching, filtering and browsing of the available sites.

Each site's content was directly editable by the builders themselves and allowed for various text and images to be uploaded along with multiple booking slots which could then be booked.

The booking engine ended up quite complex as it allowed for various booking types which would affect the forms and field that needed to be filled in. Bookings were also synced to a third party virtual card system which would allow participants entry on the day.

The admin section for builders allowed them to upload and manage their sites and also to manage other users' accounts in their company. They could view statistics and download all their site bookings as Excel spreadsheets to help them manage their tours during the week,

Thanks for looking at my work 👍🏻 Please get in touch if you'd like to work with me