A beautiful and flexible portfolio for displaying your work. This project deploys a django admin as a CMS backend and a Gatsby JS frontend to build a static portfolio for deployment to the static hosting provider of your choice.

An open source portfolio project I developed and released to power this site using Gatsby and Django for an easy to use portfolio management system.

  • Easily editable portfolio items and site settings in the Django admin
  • Edits in Django trigger a gatsby rebuild Gatsby
  • Dev server for previewing your site while editing
  • Responsive Design for desktop and mobile Statically generated builds that can be hosted almost anywher
  • Customisable colours per page
  • Customisable headers per page
  • SVG logo support and logo will change to match page colour


View the demo site here View the Github project here

Thanks for looking at my work 👍🏻 Please get in touch if you'd like to work with me